Appearing in the last few minutes of the film, and without saying a word, Luke Skywalker™ personifies one of the greatest mysteries of Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™. Fans thrilled at seeing the iconic Jedi™ come face-to-face with new hero Rey™ as she returns his long-lost lightsaber™. This Christmas ornament features Luke with his gray-streaked beard, flowing robes and exposed mechanical hand as he is seen atop the remote mountain island Ahch-To. 
Brand: Hallmark
SKU: HMK1795QX 9302
| Christmas tree ornament. | 21st in the Star Wars™ series. | Dated 2017 in copyright. | Pre-packaged for easy gift-giving, preservation and storage. | 2.3" W x 4.4" H x 1.75" D