Creative Activities

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Architetrix Constructor

Build bigger right out of the box with Architetrix!

Architetrix Globe Set

Architetrix Globe Set is specially made for the biggest out-of-the-box builders!

Beautiful Butterfly

Create a dazzling masterpiece with this beautiful butterfly.

Brave Lion Look

Design a brave lion look and wear it with pride.

Crabby Mosaic Kit

Colorful wooden circles, a patterned base and string for framing let you create your own crab mosaic.

Duck Decor

Create your own mosaic art! Place the colorful wooden circles on the patterned base and add a string for the perfect frame.


These extra-large, lightweight bamboo blocks encourage endless building possibilities.

Fantastic Fairy Tale

Personalize a fairy tale by adding color to this fantastic set.

Fantasy Forest Collage Kit

Plant a fantasy forest with this all-in-one collage kit.

Flower Fun

Bloom with creativity with this flower craft.

Flower Power Tote

Create your own tote with this patterned cotton bag and sew-on pieces.

Foxy Tote

Do it yourself and create a lovely fox bag you can call your own with pre-cut felt materials, a plastic needle and string.