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Bead Do

Copy the pictures by using the beads to fill the transparent board.


Use the transparent image overlays to complete the game board pictures.


Find, match and describe pairs of opposites. 

Cross Out

Name the items that belong together and "X" out the odd item.


In each row, tree fruit pins, dots, and number symbol cards must be represented by the same amount.

Find and Count Colors

Children collect beads for the colored items counted and also learn their number symbols.

Friendly Animals Puzzle

Ten easy grip shapes of colorful animals.

Fruit Knob Puzzle

Ten easy grip shapes of colorful fruits.

Geometric Shapes Knob Puzzle

Easy grip knobs help children move pieces into place.

Listen to Clues

Children use their own words to guide one another in selecting the correct picture order. 

Logic Beads

Copy the image card bead pattern and then string the beads. 

Path Finder

Measure, compare and compete.