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Earth Angel


Eiffel Tower

Build one of the world’s most famous landmarks – the Eiffel Tower – with this fun Flexistix kit. Or use the bamboo sticks and flexible connectors to create your own fantastic structures!

Elephant & Baby

A series of favourite rainbow-coloured animals to enjoy and recreate.


A three layered puzzle with a sneak peak of the animals hiding beneath.

Five Cats

Five cats curled up and resting.

Five Rabbits

Five rabbits ready to run, run, run.

Flower Box Playground

Contents:1000 piece puzzlePuzzle Size:Finish 13 inch x 39 inch puzzleFeature:Amazing Panoramic Scene over 3ft wide.Feature:Quality thick pieces ensure a tight interlocking fit.

Friendship Puzzle Blocks

Features wooden blocks that can create six different pictures, featuring Pepe & Friends! Encourages children to explore and create while learning.