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Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle

These nine helpful vehicles can cover any emergency kids can imagine. No sirens necessary.

Farm Animals Block Puzzle

A six-sided puzzle encourages kids to re-create familiar farm friends. Once they figure out one animal, there are five more to try.

Farm Animals Peg Puzzle

This farm-themed puzzle is as kid-friendly as can be. Pictures under the pieces prompt players where to place them. Finger-sized pegs make handling pieces a snap.

Farm Animals Stand-up Puzzle

Remove the sturdy pieces and let the animals run free. Duplicate pictures prompt kids to put them back on the farm when they're done.

Five cats

Five cats curled up and resting.

Five rabbits

Five rabbits ready to run, run, run.

Friendship Activity Cube

Pepe & Friends Activity Cube features five different play surfaces, ranging from a ball maze, to shape puzzles, gear explorations, colorful mazes, and more.

Friendship Puzzle Blocks

Features wooden blocks that can create six different pictures, featuring Pepe & Friends! Encourages children to explore and create while learning.

Friendship Tower

Beautifully decorated cardboard boxes are perfect for building and learning. Stack, sort shapes, study the landscapes, or practice counting!

Fruit Basket Puzzle

This 3-piece beginner's puzzle makes playing fun with familiar fruits, bright colors, and easy-to-pick-up pieces.


Five animals waiting at the waterhole.

Happy Hour Clock

Time after time kids will use this multi-tasking clock to practice hours and minutes, as well as numbers and colors.