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Crank-Powered Train

Forget about buying batteries! Just turn the crank on top of this unique engine to create all the power needed to drive it down the track. A small generator inside converts your muscle power into electricity through the process of magnetic induction.

Crossing & Crane Set

Watch out! When the safety gate comes down the train is coming. This realistic railway cargo set includes a working magnetic crane, a train, a level crossing, a tipper truck and adjustable safety signals.

Deep Jungle Track Pack

Lay down tracks for a jungle journey with this set of jungle-themed tracks. Two different styles of track connect to form a circular trip through imaginary rainforest refuges!

Extended Double Suspension Bridge

Bridge the gaps in your railroad with a double suspension bridge of grand proportions! Your trains will roll across the sky above land and sea in style and grandeur.

Figure Of 8 Safety Set

Red means stop, green means go! Teach children about safety signals with this figure eight railway set. It comes with a train, a conductor, a passenger and signals to stop the train and get it moving again.