Storytime: The Three Little Pigs

Reading and Playing under one roof. Toy Houses & Storybooks based on classic fairy tales. Complete Playsets stores flat inside case. Gender neutral. Assembles without tools or screws

The Three Little Pigs houses come together to make a fun and exciting neighborhood to play in!  The straw and stick houses are designed to “blow down” easily while the brick house stands strong.  The wolf actually fits down the brick house chimney, only to land in a pot of boiling soup

Assemble house and furniture by pressing tabs into tab holes.  No tools or screws required! Toy house and furniture pieces store flat in portable carrying case.

Made from EVA foam and cardstock.

Comes with the Straw House, Stick House, Brick House, 4 Dolls, Trees, Furniture and Storybook

Best for children ages 3-6.  (Not for children under 3 – choking hazard)